Common Problems

1. If ever required, use programs such as HJSplit to join/extract files.

2. If you doubt the quality of a movie of the upload links. You may preview it even if people haven't uploaded a sample for you. What you do is you download one part (one link) only, then you open it with WinRAR to try to extract it to a specific location. Before you extract it there are options for you to choose. Remember to check "Keep Broken Files". It will still ask for the next required part, but ignore it by hitting cancel. This way you will be able to keep the broken file and see it as a sample.

3. If cannot open a certain type of media file extension such as .mkv etc... download VideoLan VLC Media Player or KMPlayer and it should do the job for you (I recommend KMPlayer, it is by far the best.). But if you come across a rmvb file, then you must download realplayer in order to play it.

4. If you ever want subtitles google the .srt (that's the extension for subtitle files) file, download then save/move it into the same directory/file then rename it to EXACT SAME as the movie and voila subtitles for you. And if you find that the subtitle timing a bit off you may adjust it by using programs such as Subtitle Workshop or Subtitle Edit.

5. You may have encountered a problem while extracting the files where one of the Winrar/parts you downloaded may have come up with a CRC corruption error. If it states "file is corrupted (Pausing your download using MegaManager at times may cause this problem)", then most likely you must try re-downloading that file again. If it extracts till 99% then suddenly come up with a CRC error stating wrong password, then the password is obviously incorrect.

6. If the topic starter did not post a password and does not reply it's not the end of the world. Mainly because they are just the link sharers/fetchers and not the uploader themselves and may not have it. Alot of the passwords are the same. Probably because they're uploaded by similar people or group? Who knows. But this makes it extremely convenient for us, because you can just search for the password through google. How? Basically everytime you download there's a name to your file/part for example: Persepolis.DVDRip.Xvid.part01 etc... You jot that into google search and voila! You'll find that many sites share the same file and therefore you can search your password from there on.

7. You might realise that one of the parts is missing. Don't go crazy, first ask politely the thread starter if he's forgotten to post them or not. If his answer is he doesn't have that specific part, then you may try searching for mirrors, or interchangable links. What that means is other people out there may have the same upload but WITHOUT the missing part. Interchangable links maybe other filesharing hosts. So for example, let say you want to download X-men. There are 10 parts to the movie but part 5 is missing. Now you must search on the web to find other people who has uploaded the link of part 5 that is able to join with the other remaining links you already have. It's not hard, basically the same as searching for the missing password as I told you above.

8. If all the above doesn't help you. Then your final resort is to post replies or screenshots so other members of the forum may help you. Or else just give up.

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