SWF Decompile Expert + key

SWF Decompile Expert + Keys

SWF Decompile Expert is the fastest and most reliable solution for users especially to completely decompile any SWF file. With the high-speed decompiling encoder, you really won't find any application that decompiles faster than SWF Decompile Expert!

You can export all resources of flash movie and save them to your hard drive. For example, you can export sound and save it as wav or mp3 format; save image as Bmp, jpg, png or pcx format; save video as flv format; save text as txt format...and much more!

Main Features of SWF Decompile Expert

* Export FLA data to recover flash files
* Replace the images of current flash
* Edit the dynamic texts of current flash
* Extract text elements of the flash movie, such as font, texts and buttons
* Extract shape elements of the flash movie, such as morph shapes
* Extract video elements of the flash movie, such as video, image and sound
* Extract sprites and action scripts
* Zoom in or zoom out the movie size
* Change background color of flash file
* Convert flash files between exe and swf format with excellent quality


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